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Title: All In Your Hands
Developer: rmbertani
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
All In Your Hands android app review

All In Your Hands android app review

All In Your Hands android app is the social news networking app which is designed for those how want the frequent updates every time on their Smartphone. The app is designed by Rmbertani, a popular company for android app development. Interestingly, the app incorporates the networking factors but have small size of 3.2 MB only. In fact, the app is so advanced that it’s compatible with Android 4.0 and higher. The most amazing fact is that this app is free of cost. However, it has paid version too, which offer advanced features.


All In Your Hands android app is loaded with the smart networking features like integrated search for songs, movies, trailers and videos. In addition, the user can enjoy its favorite book. The app is just available in 2 languages, including English. It is expected to be soon released in multiple languages. The inbuilt player for the music and videos is really awesome, giving the HQ picture quality. However, its book reader is still in beta version. But, it is still fluent and will soon be permanent in the future. The interesting feature of the app is that it gives frequent updates regarding the songs, videos and many other entertainment media, thus, making it feasible for users to find out the vivid flavors of entertainment including weather forecast for next 6 days. However, many features like chatting, messaging and ads-free version is available only in the paid version of the app. To make it a bit promotional, the developer has given first 2 days of free chatting option, just for a trial. Also, the app includes updates and amazing news for the FIFA World Cup 2014, making it a wonderful app for football lovers.

All In Your Hands android app looking for

All In Your Hands android app looking for

Design And Layout

All In Your Hands android app is designed with simple and sophisticated interface that makes it easy to use even if the user is on the move, like jogging or walking. The main frame of the app contains the title bar with Welcome message. The top most area display the message about ‘What are you looking for?’ followed by the strip of icon tabs, each of which opens a new frame below, like for music, videos, games, weather, places and books. The ad banner is displayed just below the header text. To remove this, the user just needs to buy the paid version and that’s it.

Overall Impression

All In Your Hands android app is designed for updated entertainment every day. With such a sleek interface and amazing features, this app becomes a must buy android app for those who love to see something new on their Smartphone screen. The app has got excellent reviews from its uses which describe it as a worth downloading app.

Android Apps Review Site Details: All In Your Hands app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.1 and up.

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