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Title: Angry Birds
Developer: Rovio Mobile Ltd.
Price: Free
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Angry Birds android app review

Angry Birds android app review

Angry birds android app is all about a group of multi-hued birds trying take back their stolen eggs from a herd of green pigs. There are many levels in the game where the pigs shelter behind structures constructed by materials such as stone, ice and wood. The intention is to eliminate the sheltered pigs on each level. A player catapults the birds using a sling with the aim of either scoring a direct hit on the pigs are inducing the collapse of the structure to do away with the pigs. While the game progress through different levels rocks and crates containing explosives can be found. Along with the birds these items can be used to kill the pigs hiding behind the structures.

Key Features

Angry Birds android app has very exciting features incorporated into it that are very useful when you clear level after level of the game. You have a variety of attacking birds in your arsenal to handle the thieving pigs.

  • Each bird has its own identity and set of skills.
  • With each level the skill and ability of the birds become more exciting and strategic.
  • The backdrop and structure of the levels vary as you progress
  • In each level you get a different bird or a combination of birds that you can optionally choose.
  • The birds have special abilities to wreak havoc among the pigs. For example, the white bird is capable of delivering explosive egg bombs and when launched black bird explodes.
  • Pigs appear different in sizes. Pigs that are larges can sustain more damage and smaller pigs perish quickly because they are weak.
  • There are 21 levels in the game and has a many bonuses riding in each game.
Angry Birds android app sling shot

Angry Birds android app sling shot

Concept and Design

The layout of the Angry Birds Android App in each level is an amazing amalgamation color and background. Each level has a different backdrop that blends well with the skyline while the birds are into their launch. The actions are fluid and expressions lifelike. Great animation! The game can be installed and played in android devices and is also available PC users. It belongs to puzzle game genera and is played in single player mode. You start with a single bird and earn more birds as you cross levels. Each level has pre-determined number of birds, types and order. A level is completed if all pigs are destroyed before the last bird is utilized and you move on to the next level. Points are scored according to number of pigs killed, damage inflicted on structures and structures destroyed. Players get stars after the complete each level. Players can also unlock completed levels as many times as they like to earn extra points.

The latest version of Angry Bird Android App is available in many languages including Chinese and Japanese and the size is 24 MB. You can get this app for Free from play store.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Angry Birds app is available for download and the app requires Android 1.6 and up.

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