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Title: Antivirus Privacy Firewall
Developer: SnoopWall
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Antivirus Privacy Firewall android app review

Antivirus Privacy Firewall android app review

Antivirus Privacy Firewall Android app is specially designed for protecting android devices with simple security app. The app is developed by famous company SnoopWall which is known for its innovative security app for android devices. Despite having amazing security features, the app is free of cost. However, some of the features can be subscribed for $0.83 per month. In addition, the app can be downloaded and install on any compatible android device. The app requires Android 2.3.3 or higher. The app is just 17 MB in size, which makes it a portable android security app compared to other similar ones.


Antivirus Privacy Firewall Android app is designed with lots of features that secure the Smartphone with advanced security features. The full android device scanner scans the hidden areas of the disk drive in order to ensure the users regarding every possible potential risk to the device. As soon as the app tries to access the outgoing communication channel like Bluetooth, WI-Fi or other medium, the app generates the signals indicating the user about the threat. The app has the features to block other apps in order to take control over the security of your Smartphone. User can switch between the device control features of simple On/Off switch. Lifetime updates and 9 Hours technical support (US Only) is provided with the subscribed version of the app, thus, making it a perfect app for the android device user that can provide the instant support regarding the android security. Side by side, the yearly subscription at the discounted rates is also available for users.

Antivirus Privacy Firewall android control apps

Antivirus Privacy Firewall android control apps

Design And Layout

Antivirus Privacy Firewall Android app is designed with versatile design and layout with a simple screen. Each of the features of the app is sophisticated set in the virtual graphics which makes it ease of use. The app is given with Real time privacy, graphical meter which provides the view of the security level of whole device in the form of a conventional dial meter. The app provides the simple screen loaded with menus in the list format. The screen does not cover the upper notification bar so that users can keep an eye over the basic features like signal, Bluetooth, time, battery, Wi-Fi and so on. The white background and colorful text help people have complete idea and boost up the ease of use at just a one glance. Also, the app provides the simple layout of the screen where the user can manage the apps consuming a significant amount of battery like the Bluetooth, camera and so on.

Overall Value

Antivirus Privacy Firewall Android app has got the highly excellent reviews from the users and is rated 4.7 on the official Google Play store. The minimal cost of subscription and free download features makes this app a wonderful security shield for the Android devices.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Antivirus Privacy Firewall app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.3.3 and up.

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