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Title: Asphalt 7: Heat
Developer: Gameloft
Price: $0.99
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Asphalt 7 Heat android app review

Asphalt 7 Heat android app review

Asphalt 7: Heat android app is the racing video game typically designed for Smartphone users. This wonderful racing game is launched in the recent year and it is from the Asphalt series of games. This game is developed by one of the leading developers, Gameloft. In this video game the gamers compete with world’s best 60 real cars on 15 diverse tracks. There are about 150 unique events to enjoy. This is the fastest and graphically quite impressive game. The main motive of the gamers while playing this game should be to keep the opponents far back so as to win the game and reach the next level.

Asphalt 7: Heat android app is quite similar to its precursors, but few changes have been made in the graphics and the framerate has also improved that makes the game more perfect for the vigorous gamers. There are two options to choose from, wither you may go for multiplayer or else you may enjoy playing the game with career mode. Besides, you are authorized to select your own vehicle and track to compete in the game. There are multiple upgrades available that gamers need to purchase before initiating each level. The controls of the game are also quite impressive, but you need to invest some time to understand the controls perfectly, especially if you want to drift the car while competing. However, there are several control schemes available for the gamers.

Asphalt 7 Heat android app gameplay

Asphalt 7 Heat android app gameplay

Concept and Design

This video racing game is designed with several lengthy campaign and the gamers need to complete each campaign successfully to reach the next level. There are some interesting race types that everyone will appreciate including Drift Challenges, Time Trails, Knockdowns and much more. Gamers will come across with several power boost-ups and cash drops litter while playing the game, they need to grab each of them successfully to succeed in the game and to win the level. The gamers can increase the level of speed and it can be seen on the charged boost meter. But, the only drawback associated with game is the clunky and slow menus which discourages the gamers significantly.

Asphalt 7: Heat android app is the most appreciated racing game across the globe now. This is not a free application as you need to purchase this app to download and install it on your Smartphone. You can enjoy the game not alone as you can enjoy the game along with their friends simply by switching to Multiplier Mode. There are some of the cool new cars included like Nissan GT-R and Lamborghinis, but to use these latest cars you need to unlock them first by crossing some initial levels.


If you are fanatic about racing games and Asphalt series, then definitely you will love to play this game. This is much advanced racing game to enjoy with your cell phone.

Android Apps Review Site Details:  Asphalt 7: Heat android app is available for free to download and it requires Android 1.6 and up.

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