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Title: Bad Piggies
Developer: Rovio Mobile Ltd.
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Bad Piggies android app review

Bad Piggies android app review

Bag Piggies is the new offering of Angry Birds creator Rovio for Android users. Here are the piggies going after the eggs again. A player is supposed to build a flying machine that is unique and take them to their desired destination safely. This delightful game has adventure filled 60 levels. You gain 3 stars at each level and you get to unravel 30 puzzles more.


The app is loaded with 60 fun filled levels of  flying, diving and crashing, three levels that unlock an additional 30 puzzles and free updates. Let your creativity stretch for 4 sandbox level,  collecting skulls to unlock greatly difficult sandbox level, you can build an ultimate flying machine with 33 objects like wings, motors, fans, balloons, umbrellas, bottle rockets and many more.

Concept and Gameplay

Fans of Angry Birds will fall for this instantly and feel very comfortable playing Bad Piggies. Here the roles are reversed. They are on a mission to find the eggs for that you need you to build a machine. Here the pigs are not destroying rather they are collecting.  There are in need of maps to reach their destination. Bad Piggies app graphics are very similar to the prequel Angry Birds but amazing however. The scoring system of awarding stars after completion of each level the menu is very identical to the Birds. The game is more on the line of Amazing Alex, the puzzle angle.

Bad Piggies android app gameplay

Bad Piggies android app gameplay

In Bad Piggies Android App, several objects are provided to you in the beginning from which you build a contraption that lasts the level. The objects have to be thoughtfully selected and fitted together to make the machine and a wrong fitting may get you back to the starting of the level. You need to complete the level in time with the help of the machine you have built. It may sound easy, but it gets harder as you go through the levels and the numbers of items keep increasing. Here you need to employ the trial and error method a lot.

Display and Appearance

The presentation and visuals are great and very pleasing to the eyes. You feel very comfortable while you go through the game. The kids may find it a bit difficult because it is not a game of mass destruction where you shoot at will. You need to bring your physics and logical skill to the most. The accompanying background music is very appealing and this adds a little lilt to the action.  Bad Piggies android app has great appeal and is free to download. This is a great choice for the die hard fans of Angry Birds. Download Bad Piggies and get into an adventure filled with extreme thrills of flying, crashing and banging.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Bad Piggies app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.2 and up.

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