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Title: Boom Land
Developer: Mirage-lab
Price: $0.99
Overall Rating:
Boom Land android app review

Boom Land android app review

Boom Land android app is a wonderful time killing entertaining game that has been developed for a wider target audience. The game has been developed by the world famous game company Mirage Lab which is known for a stunningly entertaining app for Smartphone. Despite being loaded with gorgeous features, the app is as small in size as 18 MB, due to which it is easily downloadable in minutes even on slow connections. The app comes in two different versions, one of which is free while the other is paid. This enables users to test the game for the trial and buy the full version if it likes the game. However, the app is available at $0.98 which is a very small amount worth paying for such a wonderful time killing game.


Boom Land android app is loaded with amazingly alluring features that makes the game highly interesting. The game has been loaded with clever algorithms for stunningly fluent visuals and animation effect, due to which it becomes very easy to run it smoothly on lower android versions. Side by side, the funny audio effect and the background music makes the game more interesting. The game is based upon the catapult description which is among the most common theme loved by maximum number of people all across the globe. In addition, the app is loaded with all side features like online sharing, social networking site connection and so on. The paid version of the app offers spectacular 73 levels of the game with 3 worlds that keeps the interest of the player intact for all levels. Instead, the difficulty of the levels drastically rises as the users cross levels and worlds.

Boom Land android app gameplay

Boom Land android app gameplay

Concepts And Gameplay

Boom Land android app is based upon the catapult destruction theme which is famous all over the world. Also, the interface of the game is not as complex as compared to the other similar themed gaming app. The main frame of the game covers the whole window with the level with simple Pause and Restart button at the top right corner. Also the scores are displayed at the top left corner with energy flashing energy meter at the bottom left corner. The spacious arrangement of the label does not make it look messy even on the small screen of the Smartphone.

Overall Impression

Boom Land android app is a fantastic game that is loved worldwide for its amusing hits and difficulty level of the game. The excellent reviews and high ratings of the app from its users describe the success of the game itself. Whenever you are feeling bored, just try this game and kill hours of time in just a few seconds. So, just get the app from the official store today.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Boom Land app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.2 and up.

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