Bubble Blast Halloween Android App Review

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Title: Bubble Blast Halloween
Developer: Magma Mobile
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Bubble Blast Halloween android app review

Bubble Blast Halloween android app review

Among the huge numbers of puzzle games, Bubble Blast Halloween android app has made its own image because of the unique features and game play.  This application has been developed by Magma mobile which is known for some fantastic development work. Basically it is a puzzle game where user will have to split open the horrible character to activate a chain reaction for their elimination. In this version of Bubble Blast Halloween, developers have made sure that user does not get bored with playing it for hours.


Here are the key features of Bubble Blast Halloween android app:

Two Game Play Modes – There are two game play modes that users can choose in Bubble Blast Halloween.  There are 5000+ levels in the puzzle mode and there is arcade mode for playing it without much hassle.

Excellent Game Play – Because of the wonderful game play a user will not be bored playing this game. More often than not, puzzle games bore users after a few hours, but it will not be the case with Bubble Blast Halloween. Go through a few clicks and it will start.

Halloween Characters – Android users are going to love the Halloween characters in the game. Getting rid of them through a chain reaction is a great fun to do. It is the key attraction of this game as the characters appear cute at the same time.

Global Scores – To make the game play more interesting, there are global scores available. Users can keep on playing and compare their scores with others playing the same in different parts of the world. Competing with others will be a great fun especially for those who love puzzle games.

Bubble Blast Halloween android app gameplay

Bubble Blast Halloween android app gameplay

Concept and Game Play

Bubble Blast Halloween android app is a specially designed application for android phones. This application will amuse the puzzle game lovers as the solving puzzle in a very funny and interesting way will be a great experience. After one downloads and installs it in his Android phone, it will not take time for him to understand the basic game play. Your whole goal is to destroy Halloween smiley and have to do it for scoring the highest points. Your scores can be matched with others using the global score, which makes it better than an ordinary game of puzzles.

Overall Value

As far as Bubble Blast Halloween android app is concerned, one gets to enjoy some very fresh features. Design and layout of the game is quite brilliant which shows that developers have spent so much time in design phase. Altogether the game is very well designed with lots of new features including 1000 new levels and several more versions to support various languages.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Bubble Blast Halloween app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.0.1 and up.

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