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Title: ChatTime
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ChatTime android app review

ChatTime android app review

ChatTime android app is designed for those who are bound to use the international calling features too frequently to be affordable for them. The app is developed by the ChatTime which is famous for world-class applications with useful features. As the app is small in size as 3.2 MB which makes users to download it in the least time possible, even on slower internet connections. The app offers the android to phone calls even if another person does not have the same app installed in its Smartphone. This wonderful app requires android version 2.3 or higher which makes this app compatible with maximum smart phone devices.


ChatTime android app is loaded with lots of amazing features that makes it unique from all others. First of all, the app provides the feature to make calls to the other network providers all across the globe. Although, it charges a certain amount of money in the form of calling rates, the rate is highly affordable as compared to the network providers. In addition, the app offers various features that are not possible in case of carrier providers. Unlike the career providers, there are no glitches ever while calling in any country. Also, there are various options like call conferencing, call wait, call hang and call pick up. And the app lets the user call anytime even if they are not online. There are more than 15 major nations in the list of the app where the users can make calls. Also, when a user invites the friends to use the app, it gets credit for free calls up to a certain number of minutes. Furthermore, the app does not charge anything extra which are often charged by the network providers in the form of roaming or value added services.

ChatTime android app chat history

ChatTime android app chat history

Design and Layout

ChatTime android app is designed with a very simple interface which makes user to start making calls without any technical support. The main calling screen of the app has large dial pad with caller ID and balance indicator on either side at the bottom. The header bar at the top makes essential features available including Home, Contacts, Help, Store and Share. The screen hides the notification bar of the Smartphone that enables user to keep an eye over the battery life and signal for WI-Fi and network strength for career provider. The call log screen describes the detailed history in the frame wise module to make it readable.

Overall Impression

ChatTime android app is really a useful app that makes the international calling a really simple feature. Also, it does to add any burden to the pocket as the rates are really affordable. The high rating of the app also describes its quality on its own.

Android Apps Review Site Details: ChatTime app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.3 and up.

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