Cut the Rope Android App Review

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Title: Cut the Rope
Developer: ZeptoLab
Price: $0.99
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Cut the Rope Android App Review

Cut the Rope Android App Review

Cut the Rope is one among the most popular android games and has grabbed several awards because of the features that it offers.   It is among the most played and downloaded games with more than 100 million people already using it.  The game is about helping a tiny monster feed its food in the form of candy tied in ropes. You are going to cut the ropes and let the monster feed itself. All you need to do is move your fingers for transferring the whole load of candies into monster’s mouth.  Bear in mind more stars and bubbles in between received, better it will be for you.  Though it seems quite easy, but becomes tremendously difficult to execute in the presence of your enemies.

An Award Winning Game

Cut the Rope Android application is not just popular among people residing in different parts of the world, but has even won several prizes. It was initially developed for iPhones supporting iOS by Zeptolab and from there on it gained tremendous popularity.  Now, it has been made available for Android phones and the ever-increasing number of Android users just makes it more popular.

What is added?

You must have played this game as it is not new, but has been recently added in Android market for millions of Android users. There are several more features that you are going to notice in the newer version such as an improved DJ box to increase levels to 25. Achievements and leader boards have also been modified along with several more improvisations.  Developers have made every possible effort to overcome the issues and add as many newer and better feature as possible to keep the users entertained.

Cut the Rope Android App Gameplay

Cut the Rope Android App Gameplay

If you are going to download this app soon, it is essential to know the requirements and permission that the application will need from your side.

  • First of all it will require constant network and full internet connection to create sockets.
  • It can also track your location so be prepared for that and it is recommended to allow all permissions to let it work smoothly on your Android phone.
  • The application has been designed in such a manner that it will read all the phone calls made from your phone and also the serial number of your phone.
  • Storage of USB and our memory card can now be altered with the installation of Cut the Rope application.

The app is known for its extremely soothing and easy to use game play that you will not get bored even after playing it for hours. If you are an Android user, Cut the Rope Android is just the most perfect source of recreation and an option of passing time.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Cut the Rope app is available for download and the app requires Android 1.6 and up.

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