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Title: Deepify: Photo-to-3D Wallpaper
Developer: Games by Dad
Price: Free
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Deepfiy android app photo 3D wallpaper

Deepfiy android app photo 3D wallpaper

Photos are a brilliant way of capturing reality. This is especially true for mobile devices which can be used for this purpose at any place and at any time. Today, with the use of a simple smartphone or a tablet, a photo can be snapped and shared without any hassle. But, even though photos are great, they lack the 3D sense of depth perception. Now, with an app called Deepify, this can be changed for good and many incredible photos turned into an even more incredible 3D wallpaper background images, which can even include effects or be animated.

The app was designed for the Android 4.4 or later versions and can be found on Google Play Store. As its basic concept, the app offers the ability to include depth perception in photos, but also adds animated effects in full 3D environment to the same material. This way, a standard 2D photo can be transformed into a three-dimensional environment that can be explored and enjoyed by the users.

Deepify android app review

Deepify android app review

The app includes many fantastic features which can both be used to add 3D effects or animation to any wallpaper image or background. The app features cover 24 photo effects which are fully customizable, including color thinning with more than 15 presets available and even a manual choice for an exact color. The feature of gyro sensor allows the users to explore the image from different angles, along with a helicopter spotlight which can be controlled by touching the screen. The free version of the app includes 2 photo slots while the premium has up to 20 slots. Images can be imported in the PNG format, and when it comes to exporting the images from Deepify app, users can choose between the features of an animated GIF, a 32-bit PNG, and a standard JPG. Both the free and premium versions of the app are completely free of any types of ads.

Because of all these features and an innovative basic concept, Deepify app is simply the best choice for a 3D converter that can turn photos into wallpapers ideal for engaging backgrounds full of effects and animations.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Deepify: Photo-to-3D Wallpaper app is available for download and the app requires Android 4.4 and up.

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