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Title: Evernote
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Evernote Android App review

Evernote Android App review

The Evernote Android App is just been out and the new version is a free to download program that you can use on your android device. This version enables the user to attach images, take notes and record notes of their voice from their phone. All these can be accessed through the Evernote account present in your computer. It also has the facility of adding locations to your notes by geotagging and you will know from where the note was created.

Key Features

  • Take notes
  • Click images
  • Record your voice from your phone
  • Can access all your Evernote data

Design and Layout

The new Evernote Android App has a new home screen that is clearer and appealing that you would immediate like to write new notes. This screen facilitates fast accessing of your notes and promptly displays the organizational status of the data. The new interface has a magnifying glass placed at the top so that the search can be done from anywhere. You can make new search, have a look at the earlier ones and access previously stored data from the search screen. By putting the key word into the text field will accomplish your searches.

Using the little tab placed at the bottom of the screen you can view notes. By tapping on it you can view the entire notes of your progressive search. To switch between one note to other swipe the thumb nails left and right.  Note details can be viewed by tapping on the note title when you are at single view. For accessing map location, tap menus, open the source in your

Evernote Android App options

Evernote Android App options

browser and jump to other display options. Browsing and sorting is made easier. You can brows notebooks, tags and notes much easily than before. Notes can be grouped by location or month. Note sorting can also happens offline.  You can also do edit, delete, tagging, note info, map view and email by holding the tab on to a note.

The latest Evernote 2.0 improves your viewing, searching and browsing significantly faster. It is done by downloading the entire data of your notes namely notebook names, tags, note titles, saved searches, thumbnails etc at the first launch of the application. Due to its ability to sync in the background your android device keep you updated.

Display and Appearance

With the introduction of the new home screen the Evernote Android App screen looks much better and has a good feel about it. And the color scheme of light green and white blends very nicely and give a cool view to the eyes of the user. Icons are clearly presented for quick accessing. In order make the initial synch you may need to plug your phone to a power source and WiFi network.

The Evernote Android App is a free software but by obtaining a paid license you may be able to do larger uploads, increase security, have collaboration capabilities and versatility in file types.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Evernote app  is available for free to download and it requires Android 1.6 and up.

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