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Title: Face Changer
Developer: Scoompa
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Face Changer android app review

Face Changer android app review

Face Changer android app is the funny app that allows the user to change the face in the images. Developed by Scoompa Company, founded by Google professionals, the app is downloadable at free of cost. Unlike other heavy face editor app, it has the size as small as 3.8 MB. This makes it to install easily & work efficiently without using much processing power.


Face Changer android app has some of the unique features that make it easy to convert any face into the caricature or a funny face. Along with many ready to use functions, it has many basic inbuilt tools for better control over the image. It provides facility o open image from number of sources like from phone gallery, from Facebook, from the phone camera and from the search results of the famous search engines. The inbuilt tools include smudge tool, draw tool, object tool, etc. on the other hand, the ready to use feature consists of different styles of drawing, faces, nose, ears, glasses & so on. One can share the modified snapshot on internet or can save in the gallery. Another very attractive feature is the translation tool that allow user to translate the text before adding it to photo.

Face Changer android app tools

Face Changer android app tools

Layout & Design 

Face Changer android app is designed with simplicity & accessibility of functions. The bottom strip contains the important bottoms like zoom, draws, while save & share buttons are given at the top of screen. Unlike other apps, that covers the entire screen on the name of best effects, this app do not hide the essential information like time, battery meter, network symbol, Wi-Fi symbol, etc. So, one does not need to switch off the app for watching the time. The new layout of Face Changer android app has been bug free & is more stable on number of android platforms. In addition, the cleverly designed layout allow user to save, share & delete multiple files at same time.

Overall value

The app is surely the best time-pass entertainment. But now, it has become first choice of people who want to have fun by editing the faces of their friends, colleagues and relatives. In addition, the tips on deleting the images, ‘move to SD card’ feature, large undo & redo list add more value to this app. After all, it rated 4.4 by the user, which clearly indicates how useful & funny this application is.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Face Changer app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.5 and up.

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