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Title: GoPro App
Developer: GoPro
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GoPro App android app review

GoPro App android app review

GoPro android App has emerged as the excellent aid to those who were looking for the technically advanced camera app. This hi-tech app is developed by GoPro Company, which is the leader of image capturing technology. This is the reason that it is doubtless app in terms of quality & value. This freeware mobile application consists of all the amazing stuff in just the small size of 9.3 MB. By the way, one needs to have the android 4.0 or later devices for getting the maximum performance of this app. Despite being technically advanced & amazing, the app has the unique layout & the simple interface. Its popularity can be well estimated as there are more than 10 thousands download last month (still counting)


GoPro android App has amazingly simple features, despite being so effective & advanced. It has the ability to control the camera movements perfectly. The exciting thing is that the User gets the photo of the day & video of the day for free. It works with the Wi-Fi devices like HD HERO camera.  In addition apps connect you to the GoPro network. GoPro android App has been tested on many famous android phones like Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Tablet, Google Nexus and HTC. Application works tremendously well with the Nvidia Tegra enabled devices. Due to this, it is the first choice of android photographers. However, its minimum requirement is the android version 2.2 or higher. The wonderful features include the options to control the resolution, time-lapse, spot meter, LEDs, etc. In addition, it comes with the fine feature of auto power on. In other words, you do not have to power on the application before starting to shoot. It helps, mainly, when user has to shoot itself & there is no other person to do so.

GoPro App android app settings

GoPro App android app settings

Layout & Design

GoPro android App has the elegant professional looking black background. It displays the small frame with glossy touch for better 3D finishing. Keeping in mind the configuration of user’s holding style; the power button is given at the mid-bottom of the screen. User has quick access to ‘settings’ button as it is placed just at the bottom right corner of screen. To keep the interface a little familiar & simple, the Wi-Fi symbol along with the battery meter has been placed at the top right of screen. The setting menu is designed giving the sense of the simplicity & effectiveness at the same time. Its layout is similar to normal menu. The overall design is kept very elegant & attractive without compromising the quick access features.

Overall value

The GoPro android App has been given the 5 stars rating by the users. This application is best for short film shooting professionals or for those who want to go out for vacation alone but wants to shoot their own video. However, for a novice, this can be good step in becoming the pro. The excellent reviews & ratings by the users describe its quality very well. Overall, it is of great value for movie makers & photographers who want to step in the new world of shooting technology.

Android Apps Review Site Details: GoPro App app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.2 and up.

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