A Detailed Review of Hands-On Equation 1

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Title: Hands-On Equations 1
Developer: Henry Borenson
Price: $2.95
Overall Rating:
Hands on equations android app review

Hands on equations android app review

Hands-On Equation 1 is an android app that has made it possible for students and kids as young as 8 to learn algebra the easiest way and at the same time increase their interest in Mathematics.

Below is a detailed review of this program:

The Brain behind the App

The program was created by Dr. Henry Borenson after amassing a lot of experience from over 30 years of teaching Mathematics in different institutions.

Hands-On Equation 1 was originally released as a physical game with well-structured methodology. The creator invented this program as he saw the traditional solving methods were not working.

Today, Borenson’s company organizes workshops throughout the country in an effort to educate teachers from various schools on the benefits of using Hands-On Equations. (The emphasis in their workshops is on the physical version of the program.).

Hands on Equations android app gameplay

Hands on Equations android app gameplay

Main Features of the App

The top features of Hands-On Equation that makes it a great tool for anyone willing to learn algebra include:

-It has an instructional video which serves to introduce the user to the concepts as well as strategies for the lessons.
-It has a graduated series of lessons that ensures the student’s success.
-It makes use of the Androids’ visual and touch features to enable the users to easily move the virtual game pieces and solve the equations.
-It comes with a “Check” feature which enables Self-Check of the solution.
-It also comes with an optional “Auto-check” to help students who experience difficulties with arithmetic.

How the App Works

Hands-On Equation comprises of 6 lessons, with only 3 of them available in the free version and the rest 3 accessible on buying the full version of the app. Each lesson is packed with a video tutorial as well as exercises to make the learning process much faster even for kids with no prior experience in solving mathematical problems.

Here’s a breakdown of the lessons:

Lesson 1: it has an introductory video explaining how to use the app and the basics of algebra. In this lesson, the game pieces are unmovable. Students are therefore required to use the trial and error method to solve the unknown values.

Lesson 2: here, the students are required to place the pieces on a balanced scale so as to emulate the 2 sides of an equation and then solve it.

Lesson 3: in this lesson, the students move pawns to simplify and hence solve for the unknown value.

Lesson 4: the students will learn to make moves using cubes.

Lesson 5: characterized with more complex equations where “-”sign is introduced between the unknown constants.

Lesson 6: the last lesson in the app. It introduces new operations e.g. multiplication for the unknowns.

Wrap Up

Hands-On Equation is the best and the easiest way to learn algebra. Grab your app today for a cost of $2.95 and learn to solve algebraic equations in a fun way.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Hands-On Equations 1 app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.2 and up.

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