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Title: Healthy Alarm
Developer: YNotProjects
Price: $0.99
Overall Rating:
Healthy Alarm android app review

Healthy Alarm android app review

Healthy Alarm Android app is a wonderful app which is designed for those who have the habit of snoozing alarm before going to bed again. Developed by famous company, YNotPorjects, the app is equipped with various features to make a healthy start every day. The app is just 12 MB in size which makes it easy to download and install on any Android device. However, this requires Android 4.0 or higher to work properly. The app is loaded with so many useful features that it costs you about $0.99. But, it is worth paying a little amount for such a helpful app to wake you up.


Healthy Alarm Android app is loaded with many helpful features which are designed by expert physician for a healthy start-up of day. First of all, app allows users to set multiple alarms which can be adjusted in shifts. Another wonderful feature is to set the wake up level every time you set the alarm. The unique feature which makes it so interesting is its alarm snoozing process. Instead of simple click or tap, it forces users to perform certain exercises. These exercises put minimal strain on muscles but makes kick starts the essential process in the body. After certain steps, the meter of alarm clock shows the saturation level, depending upon which the alarm gets off. This is to make sure that you do not go to sleep after snoozing alarm, as per the common habits of many people.

Healthy Alarm android app action complete

Healthy Alarm android app action complete

Design And Layout

Healthy Alarm Android app is designed with simple yet powerful layout. The main windows of the app show the list of alarm that you have set. This also shows the active alarm and passive alarm with different colors so that you can easily keep track of your alarm list at one glance. During the workout process, the screen is covered by center window which shows that task to be done. The common workout process of the app includes regular jogging, spin and twist. The timing for each is set as per the expert’s opinion. So, user needs not to worry about it. The instruction is provided at the of center window while the progress of workout is displayed at the centered bottom in the form of percentage. The message box is displayed once the action is completed. As soon as whole progress is completed, the alarm turns its state off.

Overall Value

Healthy Alarm Android app is a helpful app, mainly for those who snooze alarm and go to sleep again. It is really an innovative app which helps to make a healthy lifestyle. Its rating and reviews clearly indicates its popularity. Overall, it is an app which all Smartphone users must have.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Healthy Alarm app is available for download and the app requires Android 4.0 and up.

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