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Title: KeyZag Keyboard
Developer: Microth, Inc.
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
KeyZag Keyboard android app review

KeyZag Keyboard android app review

KeyZag Keyboard Free android app is a highly useful app for those who find it much difficult to type on the normal keyboard on their android devices. Developed by the Microth Inc, the app gives the sophisticated way of typing as it has large keys. The app is as small in size as 820 KB and requires the android version 2.2 or higher. The most interesting thing is that it is absolutely free of cost. But, those who want to include advanced features in the app, there is an option of the in app purchase as well. What makes this app useful is its excellent features and design.


KeyZag Keyboard Free android app is designed in highly ergonomic way in order to give sophisticated way of typing to the user. It replaces the android default keyboard and works for advanced input recognition. The KeyZag is based on the patent pending technology which helps it to be further efficient. In fact, the keyboard is interactive and can be adjusted as per the use within the smaller space. In addition, the app is smart enough to adjust the sensitivity and input prediction for reducing the number of misprints and provide a smoother input medium. Its large input buttons help those with impaired vision and people with motor disorders to input the alphabets and numbers in simple way. The app also supports the swipe gesture for the smoother control over symbols, capital letters and small letters without altering the pattern of the keyboard itself. This is what makes it further smoother app.

KeyZag Keyboard android app screenshot

KeyZag Keyboard android app screenshot

Design And Layout

KeyZag Keyboard Free android app is based on the specific design technology that makes it sustain within a limited space without compromising the smoother input means. The app has zigzag alignment of keys in ‘qwerty’ pattern. The key is designed to support languages based on three alphabets, that is, Hindi, Latin and Cyrillic. Also, it has the option of auto update that provides the latest updates of the data from the author, thus, making it better with every new update. In the portrait alignment, the all keys are aligned in the 4 rows, whereas, there are three rows in the landscape alignment. In both these alignment, there is no change in the patterns of the keys. Thus, it offers smoother input of keys as per the ‘qwerty’ pattern.

Overall Value

KeyZag Keyboard Free android app has come up as a highly valuable app for people who need quick input in their android devices. No doubt that this wonderful app has got excellent reviews and rating from the users which define it usefulness and quality on its own. In fact, it is an app that all android devices must have.

Android Apps Review Site Details: KeyZag Keyboard app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.1 and up.

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