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Title: Skitch
Developer: Evernote Corp.
Price: Free
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Skitch Andoid app review

Skitch Andoid app review

Skitch android app is a great app to share your captures with annotation. The widely popular desktop application is available for android users. Now you can gloss your photos with text, arrows and shapes, sketch a new note, save your work to Evernote. You can also share your creations with other applications. Making people pay attention to your photos has become easy now with the Skitch Android App!


The features included in the Skitch app like color and thickness choosing options, creating shapes with pencil, highlighting tool, point out the best Skitch stuff with arrow, add text with type tool, drag shapes and create, select tool for dragging and changing positions of objects. With Skitch Android App you have several options at your command to annotate your images. You have three options at the start, take photo, open an existing image and open a blank page. You can also select a screen shot from your image gallery. Skitch Android App has an array of tools that give you several options like scribble and sketch on your photos. This app is excellent for drawing on photos that you could send to your friends and family members. You can easily highly a feature of a photo with an arrow or write a text over it with Skitch. An image can be zoomed to highlight a particular thing or alter the size and color of the annotation. Here you have great selecting tool that you can use to select, effect size changes, add different color and drag it to another position.

Skitch Andoid app annotations

Skitch Andoid app annotations

The great thing about this Skitch Android App is that it works very fast. Editing work can be done at a jiffy as you have the fast undoing and redoing options. With the cropping option you can workout minute details on your images quite effortlessly.  Your finished work can be saved to your account by uploading with the help of the Evernote icon present at the bottom of the screen. If you wish to choose some other option of sending your work Skitch will happily accommodate you in doing so, be it facebook, gmail or twitter.

 Appearance and Layout

The Skitch Android App screen with its icon on the blue and green background contrast nicely. Editing options are neatly arranged on the top and bottom of the screen for easy access. The entire presentation is very good for drawing, sketching and editing your creations and very intuitive. This is the best software for marking any image and sending it off to your favored location in very quick time. This much popular, highly useful android app is a free ware and can be very handy with your creative skill when it comes to adding more gloss to your photos.  Install it in your android device right now and take photos, load photos and make additions by drawing. It is an added bonus that this software integrates beautifully with Evernote for uploading and saving your creations. Get Skitch Android App and get addicted!

Android Apps Review Site Details: Skitch app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.1 and up. 

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