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Title: PasswordBox Free Password Safe
Developer: Password Box Inc.
Price: Free
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PasswordBox Free Password Safe android app review

PasswordBox Free Password Safe android app review

PasswordBox Free Password Safe Android app is the number one password manager app for the Smartphone, which has been integrated with advanced protective features that secures the passwords of its users. Developed by PasswordBox Inc., the app has been tested and proven to be an excellent password manager for Andriod. Download size varies by device as new features are added to the app based on your Android configuration. The app can be downloaded for any device with Android 2.3.3 or later. This marvelous app is free, and offers the inbuilt purchasing option for enhanced features.


PasswordBox Free Password Safe Android app is versatile and secure when it has been loaded with awesome features. This password manager app provides the 1-Tap Technology for 1-tap login for browsers as well as third party websites. This saves time for the user and makes the login easy. The app is designed to save the login details of the user automatically. It is optimized to save the details with the most advanced encryption algorithm possible (AES – 256). The app also has an SSL security layer that transfers data securely between users. New features like Mater Password, PIN Lock, custom Startup Page, and Auto Lock functions make this app a real security guard for your Android device. Plus, the app has a list of 20,000+ websites to enhance the instant login feature.

PasswordBox Free Password Safe android app 1 tap login

PasswordBox Free Password Safe android app 1 tap login

Design and Layout

PasswordBox Free Password Safe Android app is designed with simple and easy to use interface. The app provides direct access to the Digital Lockers for passwords and Legacy Features with the simple menu style. The main screen does not cover the notification bar so users can still keep track of each notification on their device. The menu tiles correspond to different functions like Browsers, Wallet, Notes, Key Passwords and others. The passwords and the websites along with other info are displayed in the tile format, just like the main menu on an Android device. This makes it easy to use, while looking sophisticated. The app offers the search box above the menu. It helps in searching for websites for quick access. The app is optimized to consume very little power on Android devices.

Overall Value

PasswordBox Free Password Safe Android app has advanced features. The app will get excellent reviews from experts and users alike. The app has been chosen as the best Password Manger app at CES 2014.

Android Apps Review Site Details: PasswordBox Free Password Safe app is available for download and the app requires Android 4.0 and up.

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Official Press Release Quote:

PasswordBox® Launches 1-Tap Login to Solve Mobile App and Website Sign In Exasperation.

PasswordBox makes digital objectives like logging into multiple apps and websites on mobiles phones quick, seamless and simple with 1-Tap technology.

San Francisco, CA February 20, 2014 –  PasswordBox, the only ubiquitous password manager, today announced the launch of 1-Tap login to apps and websites (via smartphone internet browsers). This patent-pending technology makes logging in and browsing the web on smartphones and tablets faster, easier and more secure with 1-Tap integration.

1-Tap solves a problem that the biggest tech companies in the world haven’t been able to – how to allow apps to interact across mobile platforms while delivering 1-Tap execution for the most popular daily mobile actions.

“Apps have never been able to interact this way on iOS and Android.  We had to solve a lot of pretty big technical hurdles to build our patent-pending 1-Tap technology that continues the PasswordBox experience into other apps, while keeping your personal data secure,” said Daniel Robichaud, CEO of PasswordBox.

“With biometric technology on the rise, PasswordBox is ready to bridge the gap between those advancements and all of the software and websites we use on a daily basis. As a neutral party, we’re the only solution that works across devices, platforms and mobile applications.”

PasswordBox’s 1-Tap removes the pain of autocorrect and time-consuming typing, making users more efficient by solving the most common mobile frustrations, including:

*When your device automatically logs you out of an app and you can’t remember the password

*When you change your password on a Website and your app requests the new password

*When browsing the web on your phone and you land on a site that requires login information

*When you get a new mobile device and need to log into all your apps

*When you want to use strong passwords to keep your personal data secure, but fear not being able to remember them when you need them most.

“1-Tap is like a personal assistant and gateway key giving users instant access to everything on their mobile devices, it’s like a fast-pass to all your digital objectives,” added Robichaud. “It’s also the first tool ever that’s able to work across multiple platforms.”

1-Tap is the newest PasswordBox feature, building on its secure password sharing, digital death management (Legacy Locker) and instant login to favorite websites and mobile apps.  PasswordBox also recently won the prestigious Best Mobile App award at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014) in Las Vegas.  1-Tap is available immediately, and the company will showcase demonstrations later this month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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