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Title: Photo Editor for Android
Developer: Balu
Price: Free
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Photo Editor for Android app review

Photo Editor for Android app review

Photo Editor Android App is an image editor which is very easy to use.  You can use your mobile phone to do some amazing editing with the help of this software. There are many versions of photo editor android app software available nowadays that are easy to download and use in your mobile phone.  You will find several versions of this software each having enhanced added features to this hugely popular mobile application. If you are an ardent photo buff then you can choose FX Photo Editor Android App which is available on free version as well as on premium.


  • Brightness  and contract control of image
  • Sepia application to images
  • Black and white image
  • Crop and rotate feature
  • Adjusting color and white balance
  • Curves and histogram options
  • Border application to images, adding texture and vignetting effects
  • Hundreds of preset to choose from

Menu Screen

Opening the application you will find different controls on screen that allows the user to select the option of taking or loading a photo. There are also the settings and user manuals icons displayed on the screen. You have the choice of importing photos from your gallery with three resolution size options, normal, fast and Pro. Controls for taking a picture, saving, sharing, cropping and adding effects are located at the bottom of the screen.

Editing Photo

You can choose from four categories of editing options if you wish to edit a photo. You can rotate or crop, adjust contrast and brightness by manipulating exposure, effect color adjustment and while balance, use the curves and histogram options you can saturate. With this application you can add different textures to images, apply vinetting effect and borders.

Photo Editor for Android app options

Photo Editor for Android app options

Fast Editing

If you have plenty of time in your hand then you can play with this application to get a variety of effects to your photos. But the most useful feature of this app is that you can do the editing at a fast clip by using the presets that are integrated with the software. A horde of presets can be unveiled while you open the FX Studio menu and you have Art, HDR, Grunge, Black & White and Professional that you can opt for. The paid version has more presets. These presets allow you do your work very quickly and save your time. This app also allows you to modify the preset effect further by adjusting various effects.

Appearance and Layout

The display of the home page in this photo editor android app is very neatly done with a colorful back ground.  The user options load photo, take a photo, user manual and settings options are prominently displayed on the right side of the screen and the bottom screen has the take photo, share, crop, add effects and save options. Image display is crystal clear.  The windows for applying effects like histogram effects and borders has easy access to various controls and these are placed at the bottom of the screen leaving more space for the image above.

This is a good starting for the beginners to use this photo editor android app free software. As you progress you can buy the paid version and have more controls for you to play.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Photo Editor for Android is available for download and the app requires Android 2.2 and up.

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