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Title: Plague Inc
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Plague Inc android app globe map

Plague Inc android app globe map

Plague Inc android app is a fantastic gaming app, uniquely crafted with amazing technicalities. Developed by Ndemic Creations, the game is brought on the android platform by the famous company Miniclip. The game is designed in order to invoke your inner enthusiasts. Within the size of 23 MB, the game offers every detail to the function, giving the feel of real life incident. Despite such alluring features, the app requires only android 2.1 or higher. The latest version has been recently updated & has been made bugs free. One can download it in few minutes & install it free of cost.


Plague Inc android app is a terrible combination of strategy & simulation gaming. The theories, applied in the game, are quite new to the gaming world. Starting with the strategy genre, the game takes the thrilling experience to the new level where player can release itself as the part of the gaming world. Highly technical look to the game graphics give the touch of ultra-tech sci-fi movie, the player playing the role of the evil. The high-resolution of the device will make the graphics more stunning & realistic. The red color of the theme enhances the enjoyment of the game. Despite being noticeably small in size, the app has been cleverly programmed to apply the best AI techniques against the player.

Plague Inc android app game type

Plague Inc android app game type

Concept & Gameplay

Plague Inc android app can be seen as the package of various gaming genre. The concept of the game revolves around the theme of disease infection that affects the whole world. The player plays the role of evil mastermind who is responsible for all the fuss. The humanity tries hard to protect itself, against which player has to use different strategies to master +4 special mutations under 7 different diseases. Player can track the level of epidemic in more than 50 courtiers with the help of ultra advanced software (game’s interface). The game play of the app involves the world map surrounded by different disease charts & epidemic level indicators. To give it a realistic look, news video telecast has been arranged at the top corner. Player can research on the diseases & pathogens to invent new types to infect the whole world. The full version of the game involves certain breathtaking functionalities like gene modification, fast forward, new diseases and much more.

Overall Value

The Plague Inc android app is the next level of thrill & adventure. Killing billions has never been so much fun. Rated 5 stars by millions of users worldwide, it has been described as the much play app. The upcoming of the zombie disease infection is highly exciting. Its appearances in top features like The Economist, New York Post, Boston Herald and others indicate its success automatically.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Plague Inc app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.2 and up.

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