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Title: Root Explorer (File Manager)
Developer: Speed Software
Price: $3.99
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Root Explorer android app review

Root Explorer android app review

There are not many applications for Android phones that deal with the files as smartly as Root Explorer.  Speed Software is known for their excellent work in developing some very handy applications and this is just another specimen of their expert work unit. This app is designed for Android phone users allowing them to explore anything and everything within their device memory. All major features required for exploring and moving various files and folders are there.


On having a glance at the key features of Root Explorer Android application comes with unique database viewer makes it easier for users to look into complete records. Text editor to add, alter or remove text from file and folder name. Zipped files can be created, unzipped or viewed, multiple select options allow one to choose his desired files in the easiest manner, add and view bookmarks, files can be shared using inbuilt Bluetooth or email with internet connectivity. There is an XML viewer and one can even make links using symbols. Root Explorer provides constant customer support to its clients and for any queries or problems, one can contact the support. Both the paid and a free version available and one can choose the one as per his personal requirements and capability. Developers have a very fair policy and they are willing to refund one’s money if the application fails to satisfy him.

Root Explorer android app options

Root Explorer android app options

Layout and Design

Features alone cannot amuse one even in the best of the applications. An application made for Android phones must also be designed well so that users find it attractive to keep in their smart phones. Root explorer is an excellent app when it comes to design.  Not only the color scheme is very fine, but the whole background and menus are designed carefully.  Switching between menus is so simple and added extra view option does come in handy.

Overall Value

When someone is using a smart phone equipped with the latest Android operating system, it is important to make optimum care of the memory so that even a single kilobyte is used properly. For faster usage, you can create shortcuts for different files and folders. One can translate from Italian and Korean for better and easier usage. Since this application requires root access, one needs to root his Android phone to have this application installed. This application works with Android 2.1 and all later versions, so anyone with a device meeting this requirement can download and install this application. While the demo version is free to download, there are certain features missing in this version that one can enjoy in the paid version. Altogether, it is a must to have application in all Android applications.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Root Explorer app is available for download and the app requires Android 1.1 and up.

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