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Title: Rope Escape
Developer: Deemedya m.s. ltd.
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Rope Escape android app review

Rope Escape android app review

Rope Escape android app is an adventure genre game where you go into the jungle in your quest and use ropes and rocks to swing your way to the goal. This game is developed by Deemedya and is compatible to Android 2.1 and newer versions. This game necessitates the player to swing higher and faster to escape various dangers in pursuit and collect coins and points to cross various levels. Once you get into this you will not like to come out easily.


Rope Escape android app is designed to be a continually furious and faster paced and a game cannot take moment out of the gameplay. Numerous characters of varied shades available for using in the game and several power-ups intended to be found by the player. Facebook integration facilitates player to interact with other players.

Concept and Gameplay

Rope Escape android app gameplay

Rope Escape android app gameplay

Rope Escape android app, most might think as room environment based escape stories type, but this game differs from those genres and it is spun completely in a jungle environment where the player launch himself into adventure by swinging while making inroads into the game. In this game the player shoots the rope to catch anything ranging from tree, high rocks, flying meteors, zeppelins and air balloons in order to swing high and forward. The key in this game is not to hit the ground at any time if considerable progress is to be made. The higher you jump more are the chances of getting bonus points and coins. If you achieve longer distances you get rewarded with gold coins. On the way you find numerous power-ups to speed up our progress. The game goes at a break-neck speed and sometimes you find it hard to survive. Power-ups can be bought but you will be better off with collecting coins for completing various runs and levels. The graphics are very simplistic but the coloring of the surrounds is tastefully done. The controls are simpler enough you tape for everything from starting to release of the rope. You can control the rocket’s movement by just moving the device, looks easy! The background variations should have been more. It is highly addictive and you will be always ready for more challenges.

Overall Value

First look at Rope Escape android app may not impress you, but once you start there is no looking back. It is great fun and it is free, just go for it! The crazy concept and the speed will you keep you glued to the game. It is a game just for an individual but for the whole family. A player is sure to assume himself as Indiana Jones or Tarzan when he is in thick of this adventure game!

Android Apps Review Site Details: Rope Escape app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.1 and up.

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