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Title: Samurai Defender
Developer: LinkKit, Inc.
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Samurai Defender android app review

Samurai Defender android app review

Samurai Defender Android app is a mobile gaming app which is based on the combat between Samurais and Evils. The game is designed by famous mobile gaming company, LinkKit, Inc. the app is programmed to run even within slow processor device without hanging up. However, it requires android 2.3.3 or higher version for compatibility. The app utilizes 2D graphics which are highly amusing. The amazing sound and animation effects are all packed in small size of 23 MB. The app is absolutely free to download and install. But, there are certain paid items which users can buy to enhance its gaming experience. The app is fully unlocked and works fine even without buying any paid item.


Samurai Defender Android app is loaded with all those features which are found in top quality action and arcade games. The app is designed in 2D graphics in the toon form which makes the app. more adorable. The app is programmed to response quickly within a few milliseconds of user touch. This makes the Gameplay smoother and fantastic. The animation effects of app are designed for high-definition screen so that it provides great gaming experience on HD screens. The background sound is based on thrilling music which invokes feeling of real combat. The sound effects are provided with stereo effect which enhances the Gameplay when played with stereo headphone. It feels as if user is inside the game. Another great feature of app is its connectivity to internet which allows us to share scores with friends over social networking sites. The theme of game is given an old Japanese touch, depicting time of old Samurai warfare.

Concept and Gameplay

Samurai Defender android app gameplay

Samurai Defender android app gameplay

Samurai Defender Android app is based on the action and arcade game theme. User plays as the Samurai and defends its castle. The game has been given a story according to which evils have been suppressed long ago by great Samurais. Now, it had returned and wants to ruin castle. It is task of user to protect its castle with the help of its battalion. Game runs in two modes. First, user faces the samurais single-handed. Second, there is attack of whole army, against which user has its own army. The Gameplay is kept very simple. User just has to touch the samurai to make bowman attack on them. Same is this case with army. User earns coins in-game which are used for learning new techniques and opening new tools.

Overall Value

Samurai Defender Android app is no doubt is wonderful action gaming app which is perfect not only for kids but also for teens. It has got excellent reviews and ratings which defines its quality itself. In short, it is a gaming app which every android user must play.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Samurai Defender app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.3.3 and up.

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