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SketchBook Mobile android app

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Title: SketchBook Mobile
Developer: Autodesk Inc.
Price: $1.99
Overall Rating:
SketchBook Mobile android app review

SketchBook Mobile android app review

In recent few years several graphic editing applications for Android phones have been developed, but none has matched with the standards raised through SketchBook Mobile. It is developed by Autodesk Inc and is listed among the top sketching applications providing some excellent features and options to draw your own sketch on your device. It is just the perfect tool that everyone who loves sketching will be amused to have in his Android device. There are various tools and menu options that one can use while sketching.


It is features of SketchBook Mobile Android App that differentiate it from the rest.  One will have problems in believing that he is actually sketching on a device.  Menu options are excellent to work with and the new version is made available for Android 4.0 which will add several more devices to the list of devices supporting this app. Adding stylus support does make the newer version easier to use. There are 9 different languages including French, English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Korean that it can work with. In the previous versions, users had a few complains about some features not working smoothly.  Now all those bugs have been fixed and the application will not bother you. In the German version of this application, there were problems in translating but now it has been solved.

SketchBook Mobile android app tools

SketchBook Mobile android app tools

Layout and Design

Since the application is all about sketching, everything has been designed by Autodesk Inc in a very creative manner.  Using elegant coloring and fine edges makes it one excellent application. While using sketch option one will have no trouble in switching between the menus.  Adding different effects at even the smallest of corners is not difficult to work on.  There are some interesting changes that developers have made not only to overcome the previous bugs, but also to make it more useful with lots of handy options. Design is very soothing and SketchBook Mobile Android App will suit your Android device well.

Overall Value

There is nothing one can complain about in new SketchBook Mobile Android App.  It is smart, featured pack and more importantly very user friendly. Developers did very well to overcome the bugs arising in previous versions of this application. Now all smooth going makes it a handy option for everyone who loves sketching. Drawing was never as easy as it is with this sketchbook and the added options with tremendous operating are easy to operate. Altogether this application is quite a handy tool that one must have in his Android phone. Customizable menus and tools are easy to access and importing and exporting images is as easy as anything. Get this free version by downloading and installing in a few minutes.

Android Apps Review Site Details: SketchBook Mobile app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.0.2 and up.

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