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Title: Solitaire Mahjong
Developer: AVS Enterprises
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Solitaire Mahjong android app review

Solitaire Mahjong android app review

Solitaire Mahjong Android App is wonderful gaming application which can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Developed by AVS Enterprises, the app can be downloaded & install on any android Smartphone free of cost. The app does not require higher Android version to run. The mobile with Android version 2.1 or higher is compatible for this game. Also, the size of app is only 1.9 Mb, which means that it can be downloaded in minutes on slow speed of internet connection. The content of the app is rated for Medium Maturity. The recently updated version 1.2 provided greater stability & improved features.


Solitaire Mahjong Android App has been designed by keeping in mind the priority to great features. The mahjong tiles has been provided with high quality graphics sop that it can offer magnificent look on retina technology screens in most of the Android phone. The smoother & fluent moment of tiles on touch makes it an amazing experience for player. Side by side, this gaming app has been equipped with good quality music which enhances the user experiences. The sound at every event is attention grabbing. The graphics of tiles are customized to match the old style mahjong tiles. Also, the inclusion of Solitaire theme is clearly visible in mahjong virtual tiles. The use of random series generator makes it possible for the game to generate highly random orders of tiles for each round of play.

Solitaire Mahjong android app new player

Solitaire Mahjong android app new player

Concept & Gameplay

Solitaire Mahjong Android App has been given very simple yet effective layout & design features. As the Mahjong game originally belongs to China, the game has been designed with traditional Chinese look as well. Being a part of Arcade & action, game it offers amazing attraction to players. The home page of the game is designed with simple text with ‘Cancel’ & ‘Play’ Buttons at the center of screen. The main playing area has the 3 dimensional look of series of 144 Mahjong tiles arranged in organized pattern. For playing the game, user has to click on the matching tiles which will be followed by the attractive animation to remove the highlighted set. The object of the game is to remove all the matching pair to win. Each sweep offers scores to player which can be shared online with friends. Game is designed with 5 Shuffle options for each round which arranges tiles in highly random order.

Overall Value

Solitaire Mahjong Android App is a wonderful gaming application for android platform. The adorable graphics & sound effects make it highly striking. The game has been rated 5 stars by its users. Also, it has observed a drastic rise in download recently which shows its popularity among worldwide android player community.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Solitaire Mahjong app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.1 and up.

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