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Title: Super AppLock (privacy lock)
Developer: IriverPrivacyApps
Price: Free
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Super AppLock android app review

Super AppLock android app review

For any modern technology user, the question of privacy is an essential one. Having the ability to both hide and protect sensitive data is exceedingly important for any devices, but especially mobile ones like smartphones and tablets, which have a tendency to often change hands. Now, using Super AppLock, any Android user will have the right tool to make their content secure and completely protected from any prying eyes.

The app was designed for the devices that used the Android operating system version 3.0 or later one and can be downloaded from the Google Play service for no charge, but also with a no-ad user interface. The main concept of the app is to allow users to lock apps, contacts, protects messages, lockout calls, hide content and generally build secure areas and digital data vaults on their mobile devices. This is all achieved by a system of locking that resides on either a password of a pattern that can be drawn over the numeric touchpad.

Super AppLock privacy lock for android

Super AppLock privacy lock for android

As an all-in-one privacy tool, Super AppLock is incredibly successful with users from all over the world for good reason. It does all the right things in the right way, but it also makes sure that it never becomes entangled in complicated setup systems that will hamper its usability. Its user interface is completely suitable to enforce all the app’s functions, including those that cover a multitude of actions, like locking out unwanted phone calls.

The app is also equipped with many features. With it, users can set a number of custom elements, like the auto-lock frequency, customizable profiles and even a float widget feature. The feature of supported methods of locking is almost limitless, with every aspect of the mobile device use open to a form of locking or protection. Finally, the feature of language support is available for more than 22 different languages. The thing which separates Super AppLock from its competitors is its interface themes. The app includes vampire theme, leaf theme, night club theme and many more, including series like constellations, hot themes and much more. No other app lock application provides this level of visual fun.

Because of its usability, a wide range of possibilities and finally, its undoubted effectiveness, Super AppLock is definitely the number one app for the lock and protection purposes.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Super AppLock (privacy lock) app is available for download and the app requires Android 3.0 and up.

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