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Title: Temple Run: Brave
Developer: Disney
Price: $0.99
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Temple Run Brave Android App Review

Temple Run Brave Android App Review

The wait is over as Imangy and Disney have come up with the most adventurous ride for iPhone and iPad users.  The game is all about the thrill of a joyful yet adventurous journey making it one of the most popular apps in the store. Navigation options have very well been taken care of as you can run, jump, turn and even can shoot your enemies in your way. This whole ride of Temple Run: Brave Android app will be in the wildest of forests of Scotland.


There are some very obvious reasons why you are going to love the Temple Run: Brave Android app and here are some of the prime features:

  • In the newer version of this popular game for Android, you are given extra opportunities to earn coins by shooting bull’s eye with Archery.
  • Display certainly is one of the better features of Temple Run Brave Android app.  Some of the visual effects will take your breath away.
  • What you will find new in the newer version is completely different environment which certainly comes over the issues in previous version of the same game.

Temple Run Brave Android app certainly is heck of the game that you must give a try once. Before you download this app, it is essential to be aware of the requirements in your device.  You must have full internet connectivity before finally being able to play this superb adventurous game. It will also ask you to allow reading your all phone calls and this include your own phone number and serial of your phone. It can modify or change the content through USB storage, so after keeping into consideration you should download and install the new Temple Run Brave.

Temple Run Brave android app coins

Temple Run Brave android app coins

Design and Layout

Developers have been quite smart as far as design of newer version of this popular game is concerned. Though some of the very basic aspects have been changed, but you will still have the same experience of playing Temple Run Brave Android app.  Menu options are still simple and you will have no trouble in navigation and choosing the desired options. Overall layout of the game is as easy and brilliant as you like to.

Added features are not going to change the basic platform that the game runs on and it still has the same charisma and effects of simple and strong control allowing you to controlling the character quite easily. Just like the basic game, it will also let you enjoy some of the wonderful powers in more advanced levels. There are almost endless numbers of levels that will never let you get bored with playing this game.

Such tremendous added features and the basic charisma of the original game play are more than enough to keep you engaged foe hours. Stages are made more interesting with several more actions that you can perform with the control options. This time it is available for Android and other mobile users to download directly from the official store.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Temple Run: Brave app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.1 and up.

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