The Dark Knight Rises Android App: Great Fare for followers of the Winged Crusader

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Title: The Dark Knight Rises
Developer: Gameloft
Price: $6.99
Overall Rating:
The Dark Knight Rises android app review

The Dark Knight Rises android app review

The Dark knight rises android app is an amazing game for android users which is another superhero oriented video game from Gameloft. This game is inspired from the success of the Batman movie and the producers of the game have done wonders to the entire concept. Here you have the chance to save Gotham city by donning the garb of Batman and bash up thugs in plenty.


The Dark knight rises android app is loaded with exciting features. This game features some of the best angles for combat sequences. You also find effective combat features packed tricks to dispatch enemies. The ‘knuckle sandwich’ is top of the heap stuff and batman uses it with great aplomb. You need to do some real good work with your thumbs to maneuver Batman around to get the best kicking angles. The game also has full voice support which adds to the story continuity. Some of the effects from the movie is reproduced in this gameplay to the last detail.

The Dark Knight Rises android app gameplay

The Dark Knight Rises android app gameplay

Concept and Gameplay

The plot is loosely woven from the original blockbuster. Bruce Wayne is confronted with mysterious enemies Bane and Selina Kyle who are hell-bent on destroying the Batman legacy. In this story you also meet the movie characters like Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon and Lucious Fox The story consist a series of intersections from the movie plot. These key points are filled with various quests; puzzles that you need to unravel while countering hordes of villains. Some of the puzzles introduced are mini games very much like in the Mass Effect. The game may eat up major portion of your storage capacity because of its magnificent presentation and graphics. Most of the story occupies Batman moving out of Gotham city and kicking baddies after baddies. This gives scope to lots of action in the game. You relive many hostage situations, jail breaks and bomb squads and deal with them. In between you unlock precious items hidden in different parts of Gotham city to enhance batman’s fighting skills and upgrade. The game presents batman with variety of arsenal that you can use to telling effect to stun your enemies. If you have seen the movie or the earlier batman franchise you would know what to expect from the dark knight rises android app.

Overall Value

The Batman fans will be overjoyed because The Dark Knight Rises Android App gives them the chance to represent their hero in the mission of saving Gotham City. This is a premium game but you get lots of gameplay for the small amount you pay for it. Some of the moves involving Batman can be a little tough on your skills but once mastered you will find it thoroughly thrilling. The game could also occupy major chunk of storage space in your system. The topmost attraction of this android game is you enacting the role of the comic book superhero. You will find it a really exhilarating experience as tackle each and every challenge thrown at Batman. Worth buying!

Android Apps Review Site Details: The Dark Knight Rises app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.2 and up.

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