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Title: Voice PRO
Developer: A&G Software Division
Price: $12.99
Overall Rating:
Voice PRO android app review

Voice PRO android app review

Voice PRO Android app is a hi-tech app which is designed for those who want to edit their music on the move. The app is developed by A&D Software Davison, which is famous for its hi-tech mobile app. Despite being full of so many features, the app is of very small size that is only 33 MB. This means it can easily be loaded in very less time. The app requires android version 2.2 or higher. Its content rating as ‘Everyone’ and unique functionalities has made it popular among music pros. However, the app costs as much as $12.99. But, it is worth paying this amount for such a wonderful app.


Voice PRO Android app is full of useful features which are of no match in the whole android app market. First of all, the app is loaded with inbuilt music editor and recorder. Plus, it allows users to capture call voice or download it from online sources. App has been given all pro tools that high technology music editor software has got. The commands of software are based on smooth touch in order to work fluently. In addition, app has been designed to run on even slow processors. Its response time is as fast as a few milliseconds. This means that every action is invoked as soon as user give touch based command. Another very great feature of app is its ability to convert the audio, including call voice, into text format. Not only this, it can easily translate it into 50 global languages. App offers complete file backup so that in case you get your device crashed, file can still be recovered.

Voice PRO android app settings

Voice PRO android app settings

Design and Layout

Voice PRO Android app has been provided with simple yet elegant design with pro theme. The recorder screen is given big record button at the center of screen with sound graph at the top and other buttons at the bottoms. The menus have been loaded with common style like that in other android app to maintain familiar look of header and footer bar with menus at top. The setting windows appear as the pop up box with surrounding area as transparent. Amazingly, the app is able to convey the audio directly over the online medium including social networking sites like Facebook and other sites like Skype, Dropbox, Google and Flipboard. Moreover, there is also direct option of transferring data over Bluetooth.

Overall Value

Voice PRO Android app is no doubt is made only for pro, as reflected by its features and themes. The app has got fantastic reviews and excellent ratings from its users, most of which are pro of music industry. In short, it is a must buy app for every music pro who want to keep working right on the move.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Voice PRO app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.2 and up.

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