Web PC Suite – Transfer File without the Data Cable

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Title: Web PC Suite – File Transfer
Developer: GeekSoft
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Web PC Suite android app review

Web PC Suite android app review

Web PC Suite – File Transfer android app is a versatile file transfer app which helps users to send the files quickly with its innovative interface. The app is designed by GeekSoft which is known for its innovative android app for Smartphone and tablets. In addition, the app can be downloaded and install on any compatible android device with Android 2.2 or higher. Despite having amazing file transfer features, the size of the app has been just 2.2 MB which makes it highly portable in itself. The app is customized with a quick interface which makes it highly compatible for the sophisticated use, even if the user is on the move.


Web PC Suite – File Transfer android app is loaded with lots of amazing features for the quick file transfer. The very first thing to note about the app is that it acts as the collection set of functions rather than the app itself. The Web PC Suite Android App is designed to act as the function which retrieves the inbuilt AIR transfer methods from the database, or the custom file from the user and sends it to the required profile in the preferred mode. Side by side, the interactive interface makes the app feasible in use so that the user can easily choose the required file, prefer the mode and send it along with having the relevant performance. The app offers simple procedures that take a few seconds to open the app and send the file to the required PC over the AIR.

Web PC Suite android app file transfer

Web PC Suite android app file transfer

Design and Layout

Web PC Suite – File Transfer android app is integrated with the innovative interface. The main screen of the app has large image, which signifies the mode and step of the app to be in progress. The The user can easily scan the QR code to access the PC for file transfer or can choose the simple wireless protocol for sending files to the PC. The user can quickly get the file from any PC which is connected to the android device running the Web PC Suite app. The main screen also covers the notification bar so that the user can easily keep track of important notifications like battery strength, Wi-Fi signal, Bluetooth and others. Such interesting and useful features along with an innovative ergonomic interface make this app highly appealing for those who need to send the files frequently.

Overall Value

Web PC Suite – File Transfer android app has been reviewed as the wonderful app that saves lots of time. The fine rating describes its usefulness on its own. In short, the Web PC Suite Android app is a friend who can help you to share file without having the data cable in hand.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Web PC Suite – File Transfer app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.2 and up.

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    Good screen shots to make us easily understand the step-by-step procedure to sync between Android phone and the PC. Thanks for posting this useful article.

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