Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue! Android App is a Fun Filled Lifetime Safari

Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue ! android app

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Title: Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue !
Developer: Gameloft
Price: Free
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Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue ! android app review

Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue ! android app review

As the name hints the Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue! Android app allows the gamer to journey a wild safari where you rescue exotic animals and house them in your wonder zoo. Gameloft has come up with another adventure that is very close to your heart. A great adventure game for kids! This is developed for playing in android devices 2.3 and up and is not premium gameware.


In Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue! Android app, dozens of missions needed to be completed during the adventurous journey. Completely amazing 3-D graphics enhances the surroundings and animals and make them lively. Jungle, savannah, mountain, polar and paddock are the safari maps where you launch into rescuing the wild animals poached by thieves. Rescue them and add them to your wonder zoo collection of cute animals. You have the firsthand chance of collecting rare spices like Phoenix and Unicorn and groom them into a happy family. You can add wishing well, restaurants and shops to your zoo and decorate them with various plants. An endless number of customization allows you to enjoy the experience of your life.

Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue ! android app gameplay

Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue ! android app gameplay

Concept and Gameplay

The concept of Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue! Android app is set in the back drop of wilderness where animals are hijacked by a notorious poacher who separates them from their families. The task of the players is well cut out, you are to embark on a journey through various landscapes to track down the lost animals and bring them back to your dream zoo where they will be safe and sound. You have a dozens of missions to complete with the main theme; on the way you employ expert scouts, trackers and handlers for achieving best results. You can create restaurants, wishing wells and gift shops for your zoo and make the visitors happy. The 3-D graphics make the animals and the wild surroundings to talk and give an enduring experience to the player. Unique species such as the Unicorn or Phoenix can be collected to enhance your zoo’s reputation and the new version has more updates like Go beyond land that allows you to search and rescue animals by travelling the sea. Here you get a chance to collect sea animals for your zoo. You also have a brand new sea traveler that you use to rescue sea species like the while whale, sea turtle, orca, and entertaining seals. You can also cross breed them to get a new species of the Great While Whale. Another animal that you can unlock is the werewolf that you wait till the full moon to get.

Overall Value

This is great fun and Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue! Android app is a cuddly game that you and your friends are sure to enjoy. Great value for a free game and you must have it just for the sheer fun it affords!

Android Apps Review Site Details: Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue ! app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.3 and up.

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