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Title: Wondershare PowerCam HD
Developer: Wondershare Software Co.,Ltd.
Price: Free
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Wondershare PowerCam HD android app review

Wondershare PowerCam HD android app review

Wondershare PowerCam HD android app is a wonderful shooting tool for taking photographs. This useful app is a great offer for people who love photography and it is free to download.


Wondershare PowerCam HD android app boasts wonderful features that are hallmarks for a good android camera app. There are more than 10 filters that allow the user to change and enhance the coloring. A highly effective tilt-shift camera feature is included for applying special focusing effects while taking photographs. Unlike the normal cameras, this app does apply this in the post-processing stage, which is great for the user. Panorama features let the user to take photographs in extended detail and this app is built with the best there is. With the collage feature you can easily assemble the best shorts into one frame in a multi-frame structure. The sharing function provided in the app allows you to exchange photographs via Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook

Wondershare PowerCam HD android app panaroma collage

Wondershare PowerCam HD android app panaroma collage

Design and Layout

This Wondershare PowerCam HD android app is designed elegantly to give a photo genre feeling to the user.  You start by using the menu that has 4 options to choose, namely capture, gallery, collage and sharing. Exploring each through self explanatory buttons imbedded with command s associated with each option is easy to operate. The icons are arranged in an orbit and it really looks cool. The UI are very friendly for the user to understand. The viewfinder is designed in the same camera style. The filters extensive options for the user to make breath taking changes to photographs you can change the hue of a skyline or a vast landscape with apt color and special effects to give new meaning to the scene. Images sharpening or blurring are never done better and the Wondershare PowerCamHD android app with its salient feature tilt-shift and you can focus the object of attention more sharply while the surroundings fade away slowly. This one enables the user to emphasize the focal point of photographs that need to make a point. The built in Panorama view features allows capturing vast landscapes, residential areas and other such places in one frame. This app does it faster than the android cameras and captures the scene effectively with great quality. The collages menu is appropriate for recreating nostalgic moments, school days, like features, events and it allows you to select photographs and arrange them in one frame. People who do not mind sharing their photographs with friends and relatives can do it easily with the sharing option compatible with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Overall Value

The Wondershare PowerCam HD android app is a great one to have in your android device and you can download it just for the sheer pleasure of using the Panorama option which is real cool. Don’t forget, it is a freeware.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Wondershare PowerCam HD android app is available for download and the app requires Android 3.0 and up. 

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