Yumm Halloween Android App Review

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Title: Yumm Halloween
Developer: Fancygames Ltd
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Yumm Halloween android app review

Yumm Halloween android app review

Playing with a very cute character is the key feature of Yumm Halloween android app which has attracted thousands of people around the globe.  But looks are often deceptive and this creature does make that true.  It will bite anything that it finds near mouth. All you need to do is look after its mouth to shut. Take off the fingers a fraction of second ago or you are going to lose. Description alone makes it so interesting and after you have it installed, you will not be able to keep your eyes off it.


It is the fantastic features of the Yumm Halloween android app which differentiate it from the rest.

Made for Halloween

The game is introduced when Halloween is nearby and is the most perfect gift to Android users. They can enjoy playing with Halloween creature on their Android device. Tickle upgrades along with the new easy to use settings just add to the overall experience of playing.

Brilliant Animation and Audio

Theme of the game alone is quite unique but it is the exceptional sound and graphics which make the game appear realistic. Animation effect of the game is nothing like anything that you would have tried yet.

Joyful Character

Yumm Halloween android app celeberation

Yumm Halloween android app celeberation

Remember Tom Cat? Yumm will certainly make similar effect on millions of users who have started playing Yumm Halloween android app.  It moves around in a funny manner, but wait that is not all. When it opens its mouth, you got to be scared. It will giggle when someone tickles it and that surely will make you laugh.

Concept and Gameplay

It is a great pass time as one will never get to know when hours have passed. In the efforts to save your finger from its mouth, you will keep moving your fingers across the screen. Animation effect used in Yumm Halloween android app make it more interesting.

Overall Value

If you look at the overall features and game play of Yumm Halloween android app, it appears quite good to have in your Android phone. It will prove itself to be a great application with the kind of gaming experience that it provides. When it is downloaded in an Android device, it will ask for permissions to read your phone calls and have constant network connectivity. There has been several other games introduced on similar theme and all of them are popular. New Yumm Halloween is not an exception as it is already being appreciated by thousands of gamers around the globe. One can keep on playing this brilliant game for hours and it will be a great pass time. Playing with the cutest of creatures and saving yourself from its bite will be fun.

Android Apps Review Site Details: Yumm Halloween app is available for download and the app requires Android 2.1 and up.

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